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Laser Dentistry – Periodontal Care


Laser dentistry is far less invasive than traditional dentistry. Many uses exist for lasers, including cosmetic laser dentistry and periodontal disease care and treatment. City different dentistry offers the latest in laser treatments. Lasers can do amazing things for the appearance and health of your smile.

Laser Dentistry and Periodontal Care

Laser Dentistry and Periodontal Care

Laser dentistry has made surgery for periodontal disease care and treatment almost completely obsolete. Lasers allow for more precise gum removal, preserving as much of the healthy gum tissue as possible. Other uses for lasers include the excision of minor growths and aphthous ulcer treatment. Benefits of using a laser for periodontal disease care and treatment include:

  • No cutting of the gum tissue with a scalpel

  • No stitches means easy recovery with minimal bleeding

  • Reduction of root exposure and sensitivity

  • Reduces the risk of infection

Additionally, We use lasers to remove bacteria in periodontal pockets to promote patient recovery. The precision of the laser enables us to access the afflicted areas with virtually no physical contact to the client, reducing the discomfort during the procedure and after the procedure. Hundreds of patients in the Santa Fe, NM and Los Alamos, NM areas have felt the difference. You will too!


Cosmetic Laser Dentistry

Cosmetic laser dentistry can improve the aesthetics of your smile. The same pinpoint accuracy used in periodontal care and treatment is also advantageous in cosmetic dentistry. Some of the procedures we can do include:

  • Gum lifting

  • Gum reshaping

  • Frenectomies

  • Crown lengthening

Ultimately, laser dentistry gives you maximum results with minimum risk. Whether you are seeking laser dentistry for periodontal care or cosmetic treatment to improve your teeth, sedation dentistry is available to help make you the most comfortable during the procedure. Contact us today and set up an appointment.

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