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Our Dental Brand Family

City Different Dentistry is excited to announce that Dr. Jon Gardner is joining our team. Dr. Gardner was born in Sacramento, California and raised in Utah. He’s been practicing dentistry for 25 years after obtaining his DDS from University of Virginia in 1996. He belongs to the American Dental Association as well as the Craniofacial Association.

His fascination with people also lead him to earn a certificate in human behavior. He has spent most of his career focusing on cosmetic and functional dentistry, even winning an award from Arrowhead lab for his contributions. Dr. Gardner is glad to be joining our community here in Santa Fe and hopes to give back.


Dr. Gardner enjoys cycling and coached the local Utah high school mountain bike team. He has four grown daughters who were national cycling champions. He likes to spend his time outdoors having fun, but also loves the movies.

Dr. Gardner sees dentistry as a form of art. He strives to give the best care possible, while being flexible with each patients needs. He is an amazing addition to our team here at City Different Dentistry and we can’t wait for our patients to get to know him!


SHARON is one of our dental hygienists; she has previous experience at Professional Dental Technologies as a national public speaker implementing soft tissue management programs around the country. In her spare time, Sharon and her husband enjoy hiking, biking, and community volunteer projects.

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