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444 St. Michaels Dr. Suite B

Santa Fe, NM 87505

(505) 989-8749


Here at City Different Dentistry we strive to exceed patient expectations in all ways. We constantly combine compassion and comfort in our patient care, as we administer their personalized treatments. We use only the highest quality, safest materials in order to maintain and restore their beautiful, natural and functional smiles.

We treat each patient like family and welcome all into our practice. Our team works in harmony and knows that our patients entrust the team with their oral health. We are proud to be the latest chapter this practice’s 30 year legacy of serving the community of Northern New Mexico through excellence in dentistry.

We are a fee-for-service practice. Payment is due upfront for all appointments. We are not in network with any insurance plans. As a courtesy, we will file a claim with your insurance and can help you follow up if needed in order to receive any funds your insurance deems due.  Unfortunately, if you are a Medicaid or Medicare patient your claims will always be denied, so please be aware of this prior to scheduling your appointment with our practice.


City Different Dentistry utilizes the latest state-of-the-art materials, techniques, and technology to promote your oral health and overall wellness. Contact us today to set an appointment. 


Get the smile you’ve always wanted, but never thought attainable. Call us at (505) 989-8749.



"Over the past decade or so City Different Dentistry has helped me with a variety of dental issues. It has been my experience that this is the best dental office in Santa Fe, and I would venture to say in the entire state. For high-quality work for a wide range of dental issues, including cosmetic and specialty procedures, there is no better choice. Dr. Roybal and Dr. Coyne uphold the highest professional standards, not only in their approach to practicing dentistry, but also in the manner in which they interact with patients to address the individual needs of each one. Supported by a courteous, knowledgeable, kind, and uber-professional staff, a visit to CDD is a step in the right direction to keep your smile healthy and beautiful. I also appreciate how they lay out all the options for any given recommended procedure with regard to expense and any personal concerns that the patient may have. Thumbs up all the way around from this patient."

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