DR. ROYBAL has been practicing bio-compatible, safe general and cosmetic dentistry for over twenty-six years, long before green terminology was commonly known and his practice has been mercury-free and non-toxic for decades.


In his private practice, he is committed to the absolute finest patient care and has gone to extraordinary lengths to provide the latest information, education, and technology to his patients. It is estimated Dr. Roybal has placed over 50,000 porcelain crown and veneer restorations during the course of his career and according to American Dental Association Published Reports, he ranks in the top three percent nationally for general and cosmetic dentistry.


His commitment to the highest quality care includes:


  • Reduced Radiation through Digital Radiography

  • Specialized filtration systems to reduce hazardous waste and preserve our local waterways

  • Laser Dentistry and Teeth Whitening and advanced dental medicine are just a few of the aspects of Dr. Roybal’s practice that set him apart. In addition, he is an avid supporter of his local community and believes in caring for those in need.

SHARON is a dental hygienist, with previous experience at Professional Dental Technologies as a national public speaker implementing soft tissue management programs around the country. In her spare time, she and her husband enjoy hiking, biking, and community volunteer projects.

JOY is a dental hygienist with more than 20 years of experience.  A graduate of NYU, she relocated to New Mexico 15 years ago where she continues to enjoy working with patients, offering patient education and caring treatment.  Her spare time is spent creating drone photography and playing volleyball.